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Some of the questions
What platforms do you build custom websites on?

We build custom websites on Squarespace, Showit, and WordPress.

How much does a custom website design cost?

We offer two website design packages. If you’d like us to customize one of our website templates for you, pricing starts at $3800. and if you’d like a complately custom website, pricing starts at $6800.

Do you develop ecommerce sites?

Yes! For online shops and e-commerce, we use Squarespace. Please contact us to discuss the platform’s capabilities and your specific needs.

What do I need to have ready before I start?

We need all of your content before we can start the project (images, website copy, etc). Or you can hire us to do all of that as well. We’ll guide you through the steps of our Brand Assignment that needs to be completed before we start your project.

I just started my business. is that okay?

Definitely! A holistic brand identity can be a great foundation for your new business. It will allow you to attract your dream clients and build a lasting brand right from the start. We’d love to work with you!